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It is about the love and lost of a young girl.

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Epilogue p.1
Epilogue p.1

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Thanks for reading Like a Ride, and for all your comments. Really appreciate your support!

I'm planning to do a short side story about the past of Kenny because I feel I owe him some chances to defend himself against his 'crime' :P But my style has changed since this last comic (about 3 or 4 years ago), so it might feel a little different too.
As for update schedule, it would take longer than the last one because that was completed before I posted them. I would try to update every thursday or friday.

new template...

Recently, I have been trying to add a link to my comic page which requires me to edit the html settings...

I think I messed it up somehow, and everytime when I read the pages without logging in, I would see the bottom bar of each page jumped up, covering the actual comic...I didn't know how to fix it...so I decided to change another template...

Sorry if it distracts or mislead you as another comic :P

New Banner

Just uploaded a new web banner...hm, don't know if that's a good idea. Just get bored of the old one XD


Have been very busy lately...hm...and lazy too :P
Posted a few more pages this month. Hope you'll like it. Thanks for all your comments!Really appreciate it.

Anyone know anything about onlinecomics.net? I would like to list my comic there too, but I keep having problems posting my thumbnail eventhough I follow all their instructions....and the admin is not replying my email too >__< Please help if you know! Or do you use a better online comic directory?

Welcome !

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my manga. This is a manga that I did 2 years ago, and my very first 'finished' one, too. I have been very busy with life and didn't have time to put in the conversations and post it. Now that I free up some time, I will gradually post them here.
Welcome all your comments and suggestions!

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